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How We Are Different


As a Registered Investment Advisor, WebsterRogers Financial Advisors is held to a fiduciary standard of care. What does that mean for you? It means we are in a position of trust. We are required and obligated to put your interests first, any conflicts of interest are disclosed and managed, and strive to provide the best execution available when we buy or sell securities for you.

As your trusted advisor, we help organize your financial interests, formalize a plan based on your individual goals, then implement and monitor the plan to keep you on track.


We are compensated through fully disclosed, transparent and agreed upon fees. We do not accept commissions. Our financial interests are aligned with yours.


We seek the lowest-cost investment solutions among those that best meet your goals. By managing the cost of trading, taxes and fees, you benefit from more long-term value.


Let the markets work for you. Over time, the financial markets have rewarded disciplined, long-term investors. We believe developing a long-term strategy that considers your specific situation is the most prudent way to build a long-term investment plan that will achieve your goals. As such, we utilize smart diversification, avoid market timing and help you manage your emotions through market volatility. Sometimes it is as simple as looking beyond the headlines so you focus on what you can control.


At WebsterRogers Financial Advisors, it is not “just business” for us – it is personal. We care about every relationship we manage. You can expect that we will actively listen to and understand your goals and work with you to customize a communication plan ensuring you have a clear understanding of how we are paid, your account performance, and how we  are both tracking the goals you set in your personal financial plan. Transparency and communication, in addition to earning and keeping your trust, will always be top priorities.

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