Karen Dougherty, WRFA

Beneath the Surface:

“If I only had to use three words to describe how I got to where I am now professionally, it would be hard work, determination, and dedication. Those three words exemplify my work ethic and are a part of my core values.”

Contact Karen:

Call 843.656.1110 or email kdougherty@wrfasc.com


Karen Dougherty

Karen Dougherty is the Administrative Assistant at WebsterRogers LLP. She is the administrative liaison to 401(k) plans.


  • Attended Williamsburg Technical College and majored in computer science

Professional Affiliations:

  • FIS Series 1-16 licensed

Community Involvement:

  • Volunteer for Artfields
  • Volunteer for the Pee Dee Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Assault
  • Volunteer for the South Carolina Women’s Missionary Union